Hi! I’m Andre, a motion designer from Fortaleza a very warm place with real good sea food in northeast of Brasil.
I had the opportunity to start working with video on a local music television about 2008, after two years working as an editor I entered the advertising market where I improved my knowledge in animation and VFX.
That was amazing because I realized how much I love my profession.
In 2012 I moved to São Paulo, a real big city full of life opportunities. I had the chance to specialize in 2D animations and character animation,
I'm really a one-man show that can develop an explainer video from scratch.
 I could work with great brands and studios as well. São Paulo was awesome to me, I’ve learned a lot, worked a lot and made plenty of friends. However I gotta move one more time just following my gypsy fellings.
Now I have been living in Lisbon with my wife and Jujuba (my cat) since September 2017 working as a freelancer motion designer and director working to the whole world. \o/